Ride Info

What’s your ride style?

  • A Group: Riding 18+ miles per hour on flat, windless terrain. This is a fast pace for the fittest riders with competitive riding as the focus. While the A Group riders welcome all who want to participate, these rides are NOT NO-DROP rides. If you find you can’t hold the pace, you will need to know how to find your way home by yourself.
  • B Group: Riding 13-17 miles per hour on flat, windless terrain. This is a moderate pace for fit riders with fitness as the focus. These are generally no-drop rides.
  • C Group: Riding 10-12 miles per hour on flat, windless terrain. This is an easy pace that focuses on conversation and exploration, rather than fitness. These are always no-drop rides.

Some rides will have both an A group and a B group riding. If you’re in doubt, contact the ride leader.  Don’t know how fast you can ride over a distance?  Start out with one of our no-drop rides and you can measure your speed and fitness against other riders.  Please do not start with an A group if you’re unsure of your fitness level.

We are always looking for ride leaders and ride sweeps (following the group and making sure no one gets lost).  It’s not hard and any one of our regular leaders would be thrilled to co-lead with you so you can get your feet wet.   Interested?  Send an email to our Ride Committee at ride@dgbicycleclub.org

What’s it like to lead a bicycle ride?

Plenty of people are nervous about leading a ride! But leading can be fun and rewarding, especially when you share the task with a co-leader. Being a leader involves:

  • Choosing an appropriate route for the skill level of the riders
  • Adjusting your pace so riders are not left behind
  • Sharing a few simple ride rules with the group before departure
  • Keeping an eye on how everyone in the group is faring while they’re riding
  • Understanding emergency procedures in the case of an accident
  • Making safe choices about riding in traffic that consider all abilities in your group
The benefits?
  • Undying gratitude from your riders and the opportunity to be a true advocate for cycling
  • Decision control over where you stop for snacks
  • Looks good on your resume
  • Advocating something you really love to do
Our goal as a club is to encourage as many of our members as possible to volunteer to help lead at least one ride during the season. Think of it as leading with training wheels on.
Interested? Send an email to “ride@dgbikeclub.org” and our Ride Committee will get in touch.

Ride Rules

  • Helmets are required.  Don't leave home without your helmet and shoes.
  • Maintain your bike in good working condition.
  • Choose your ride carefully to match your current abilities for both speed and distance.
  • Sign in on the ride leader forms so that the leader knows how many members are on the ride.
  • Inform the ride leader if you must leave the group before the end of the ride.  
  • If you outpace or ride ahead of the leader without informing the leader of your intentions, you are no longer officially a part of a DGBC ride.
  • In case of physical or mechanical problems, members should aid each other and inform the ride leader.
  • Follow the bicycle rules of the road at all times.
  • Headphones are not allowed.

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