Here are links to many of the routes we used on the Saturday Trail Rides and the Sunday Slow Rides in 2013-2014.

Saturday Trail Rides

McCollum Park to Whalon Lake Dog Park – 22 miles RT

McCollum Park to Springbrook Prairie – 23 miles RT

McCollum Park to Waterfall Glen – 24 miles RT (with loop around the Glen)

McCollum Park to McDowell Forest Preserve – 27 miles RT (with optional return route via Ogden)

McCollum Park to Rt. 59 Starbucks – 33 miles RT

McCollum Park to Limestone Coffee via IL Prairie Path – 45 miles RT

McCollum Park to Starbucks in Lockport via Centennial Trail – 38 miles RT (dodgy when you ride on Hwy 7 in Lockport)

Lemon Tree to McDowell Forest Preserve via trails – 28.6 miles RT

Sunday Slow Rides

Lemon Tree to Western Springs – 13 miles RT

Lemon Tree to Grounds for Hope Cafe, Lisle – 15 miles RT (please note – the cut through at the top of Oakwood Dr. is posted “no trespassing” and patrolled by the neighborhood watch, so use discretion and consider the alternate southerly route through Seven Bridges and Greene Trails Drive)

Lemon Tree to Naperville Starbucks – 20 miles RT

Lemon Tree to Caribou Coffee in Wheaton – 24 miles RT

Lemon Tree to Loca Mocha in Brookfield – 23 miles RT

Lemon Tree to Elijah’s in Elmhurst – 28 miles RT (via bike paths)

Lemon Tree to Loca Mocha via Bemis Woods – 30 miles RT

Lemon Tree to Blackberry Market in Glen Ellyn – 22 miles RT

Pedalhead Training Ride Maps

Pedalhead Frontage Route (34 miles)

View Pedalhead Training Route – 34 miles in a larger map

Ride Start Locations

Lemon Tree Grocer: 935 W. Burlington Ave., Downers Grove.  The Lemon Tree is now our common starting point for most rides (they are a sponsor for the Pedalhead team).  Parking available in the structure just down Mochel Street.

McCollum Park: 67th and Main street in Downers Grove. Rides start in the parking lot by the water tower. This is a secondary starting point for some of our rides.

Waterfall Glen Trailhead is located just south of the I-55 and Cass Avenue interchange on the west side of the street. Here’s a map of the entire Waterfall Glen preserve.

Maps of Bicycle Trails by County (from the Illinois Dept. of Transportation)

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