COVID-19 Response

DGBC Response to Illinois COVID-19 Restrictions

Illinois achieved Phase V (Illinois Restored) on June 11, 2021 so COVID-19 restrictions on DGBC rides are no longer necessary. As long as Region 8 (DuPage and Kane counties) remains in Phase V (or Phase IV with no mitigations), DGBC rides will be posted on the Ride and Events Calendar.

Should COVID-19 mitigations again be required that limits groups to 10 or less, no rides shall be posted on the club calendar nor sent to the Google Group. This is not to say, however, that the club will discourage members from riding in small groups in this circumstance. We suggest that should mitigations be in force, any group rides among members be arranged by invitation only. So if you feel like riding with a few regular cycling friends, by all means arrange a ride among yourselves. However, those rides cannot be posted on the DGBC event calendar or sent to the Google Group. Once any mitigations have been removed, DGBC rides will once again be posted on the calendar and sent to the Google Group.

If you are riding in groups, we recommend following the guidelines published by USA Cycling. Although you may associate this group with bike racing, their guidelines apply to recreational clubs like ours as well:

What do these guidelines mean to DBGC? How can we adapt them for our group rides? Consider that while your health choices are your own, when you are riding in a group you are also impacting others and should act accordingly.

Key principles

    • You have the responsibility to not spread the virus and to not contract the virus.

    • COVID-19 is easily spread, but is also controllable

    • COVID-19 is spread primarily via airborne droplets.

    • On-bike, outdoor activities are a low risk of infection. Please pay at least as much attention to the off-bike activities.

All riders must/should

    • Have no COVID-19 symptoms for the previous 14 days and have limited their exposure to contracting COVID-19, including no regular contact in the previous 14 days with anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19.

    • Assume that you may have the virus and take action to not spread it to the other riders

    • Assume that other riders may have the virus and don’t catch it from them.

Ride practices

  • Meet in areas that lessen your exposure to others and observe social distancing.

  • Consider lowering the ride intensity so that exertion levels reduce risk of transmission.

  • Be self-sufficient with food and drink, as well all tools, equipment, and clothing needed, carry hand sanitizer, and wear or carry a mask.

  • Limit stops to resupply. When stopping, respect social distancing, wear a mask, and wash/sanitize your hands.

Are group rides safe?

  • Small group rides with people you know well (close contacts) are likely safe. If you don't feel well, stay home.

  • Small group rides with individuals other than close contacts are riskier, but that risk can be mitigated with some simple behavioral changes.

  • Ride side by side and at an increased trailing distance; the farther away the better (dependent on ride speed)

How do we make small group rides safer?

You have been staying at home and working from home. You decide to go for an hour-long road ride on the quiet roads near your house.

This is very low risk from a COVID-19 perspective. You will not be interacting with others during the ride. You should carry a mask and hand sanitizer in case you need to interact with anyone.

You have been staying at home with your spouse, and the two of you decide to go for a mountain bike ride together on the local trail system at mid-day on a weekday. You expect to see a few hikers while you are out.

The risk here is higher than riding alone, but not because you are riding with your spouse. The elevated risk comes from the interactions with others.

Possible Mitigation: Avoid interaction with others while on the trail by pulling over and letting them by at a safe distance. If driving to the trails, park away from others. Consider a mask before, during, or after your ride.

Your club is holding a small group ride with ten or less people (6 optimum), who you know at least in passing. The road ride will be three hours and will stop to regroup and have snacks at a gas station at the halfway point.

The risk here is higher than riding with someone you have been living with and know the health history of. You do not know who may or may not be protecting themselves. You will also be stopping at a public location.

Possible Mitigation: You should use a mask when stopped at a store. Use care when stopped, observe social distancing, and make sure you wash or sanitize your hands. Do not share bottles or food with anyone else.