The Downers Grove Bicycle Club offers many terrific riding and social opportunities throughout the year. Whatever your level of experience, we welcome you to join us. You need not be a member to join a ride. Want to get the latest information on upcoming rides and events?  Join our Google Group


  • DGBC Annual Membership Meeting

    January 28, 2018, 2 pm. at Emmett's Brewing Company

    Join us for general elections and guests: DG Director of Public Works Nan Newlan and from the MS Society, Valerie Brod. 
  • End of Scheduled Riding Season

    Thanks for a great year of riding! With the cold weather sneaking up on us and snow/ice on the horizon, we are suspending the scheduled club rides until next spring. If there is a break in the weather and anyone is motivated to lead an ad hoc ride, use the DGBC Group Group distribution list to send out a notice / invitation. - Dave

Rides & Events

Google Calendar users can receive notifications for a single event or all events on their phone, computer, tablet, or by email.  Refer to Google Calendar help for more information.

If you would like to add a ride or event, please email our Ride Committee at ride@aol@dgbicycleclub.ru.org

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