Downers Grove Bicycle Club

Rolling since 2006 on roads, trails, bike paths, gravel, dirt, and even snow.

We're a group of friends with a mission:

  • To promote bicycling for transportation, recreation and better health;

  • To encourage and assist beginning riders, welcome new menbers and be a diverse and inclusive club;

  • To schedule club rides, hold monthly meetings and offer social events;

  • To connect riders of similar skills and interests;

  • To educate members in safe riding practices and bicycle maintenance; and

  • To work with the village to improve cyclists' safety.

Our Ride Calendar

Everyone is welcome to join a DGBC ride. We limit non-members to two rides per season.

Please refer to the Using Google Calendar section of our calendar page for information on using Google Calendar and tips to receive event notifications by phone, computer, tablet, or by email.

DGBC Bike Collection

Bike Collection for Working Bikes - April 13, 2021

Advocacy efforts continue in 2021 with our annual bike collection for Working Bikes of Chicago occurring on April 13, 2021 at the Village Hall. We are seeking volunteers to help with the collection as well as to spread the word in the community. Reach out to Bill Chalberg if you would like to participate. The collection will take the place of the April Member Meeting, so plan to stop by and see your fellow club members!

To order a club jersey contact Dennis Mariasis, 312-520-2525, at

Video courtesy of Scott Collis