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Often new riders don't know exactly which ride to join at the beginning.  Take comfort in knowing that each of us as club members were once new and didn't know where we fit into the club, what our general level of fitness was, or how to join a ride.  The best way to figure that out is to ask questions and simply jump in.  We welcome riders of all abilities and work hard to create a welcoming and open riding community.  

Use this self-assessment below to pick your first ride or contact one of our Ride Ambassadors by filling out the form below.

Which of these describes your riding style...

Casual:  I don't ride very often, maybe once or twice a month in the summer.   I ride at a comfortable pace and don't ride any longer than about 30 minutes to an hour at a time.  I have some reservations about riding in traffic and I prefer to stick to quiet streets or bicycle paths. A casual rider will typically ride between 10-14mph and would be comfortable in 'C' rides. Regular rides at this level include:

Recreational:  I ride fairly frequently and I'm interested in getting faster.   I'm comfortable riding on streets with cars and I can ride for 90 minutes or more.  A recreational rider will typically ride at 12-17mph and fall within 'B' rides. Weekly options at this level include:

Intermediate to Advanced:  I ride very frequently and own a road bike with drop handlebars.  I'm comfortable in almost any traffic situation.  I'd like to challenge myself by riding with other fast riders and I'm interested in riding for a few hours at a time. An advanced rider will fly along at 17-23mph and would enjoy 'A' rides. Speed demons can join:

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Talk to a Ride Ambassador

Our Ride Ambassadors are here to answer any questions you have about the club.  

Come to a Newcomers' Ride

Our Monday Night Ride is a great ride for beginners who want to ride for an hour or less. Our Sunday Easy Ride is better for riders who are comfortable with riding for a couple of hours at a time.  Our ride leaders can answer questions and make ride suggestions.   

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More Information

Available on our Ride Information and FAQ pages.